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That’s what friends are for - Toehunter (Hard Foot, Amatari Foot) [2023 | FullHD]

That’s what friends are for - Toehunter (Hard Foot, Amatari Foot) [2023 | FullHD]

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I was at home one day and all of A sudden the power goes out, I call the landlord and he tells me it won’t be back on till the next day. So I call a few friends to see if they could crash at one of their place’s for the day. Well Angelica was nice enough to oblige. I grab a few things I need and go to her place. I get there and she tells me she took the day off from work cause she’s tired and was going to rest and just make myself at home. After a few hours pass I get bored and go to check to see if she was busy but she wasn’t. I notice her feet were out from under the cover, I had never realized she had such pretty feet before. After staring at them for several minutes I decide to go get a feel of them, and I couldn’t believe how soft they were, so I knew i had to taste them so i did and i was in heaven. Then i thought to myself, my penis needs to touch these soft soles, so without hesitation i pulled my penis out and started stroking it between her soles when all of a sudden she jumped up out her rest and asked what the hell was I doing. I was busted! I had no good answer for what I was doing, i thought for sure this would be the end of the friendship, then she told me to sit down and take my underwear off, I confused at this point but i do what she says. She then turns to me put her feet in my lap and grabs my hard cock with her feet asked is this what you wanted, she strokes it with her soft arches it just felt magical, She switched around a few different position until she ready to finish what i had started. she gets between my legs and puts her sole on each side of my cock and strokes out a huge load.

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