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Nika - Nika Venom (Tickling Feet, Bobs Footjobs) [2023 | FullHD]

Nika - Nika Venom (Tickling Feet, Bobs Footjobs) [2023 | FullHD]

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Princess Nika looks incredible in her bikini. She asks her chastity boy to oil her up so the Alpha Males by the pool will fancy her. Nika wants her chastity boy to tell her how awful his life is. Her boy tells her that chastity is actually not so hard for him anymore because he has gotten used to it. Nika teases the chastity boy with her fingers. She doesn’t want chastity to get any easier, she wants it to get HARDER. Nika decides to let her boy out of chastity so that she can tease and deny him even more. She unlocks the cage and teases her boy with her bare feet. She knows how crazy her beta gets for feet. Nika oils her soles and allows her beta to fuck her feet. Nika laughs at her boy while he humps her soles. It reminds her of a horny chihuahua her mom used to have. Nika allows her little humper to come on her toes. Then, he has to lick it up for Princess’ amusement. So pathetic! Nika locks her beta right back into chastity so that they can head down to the pool and she can find a real man to fuck her.

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