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Fucked Feet Of Felicia Fisher (Rare Foot, New Foot) [2023 | FullHD]

Fucked Feet Of Felicia Fisher (Rare Foot, New Foot) [2023 | FullHD]

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Cool to have our USA friends visit Toronto. Felicia was visiting from Chicago, a city I definitely have to pay a visit. I came to her hotel bearing morning coffees and right away the vibe between us was awesome, she’s super sweet and already within 5 minutes or so, I was already dreading I had to head to the office in a few hours (frown). So not a lot of time to do 2 full videos fucking her fourth hole, a shoe fetish video for Felicia’s OF, and photos. So yeah this is the first of two footjob videos. Felicia is cute and dig her tattoos. Her size 7 feet looked very soft when I first took glanced at them, and on first contact I wasn’t wrong. Felicia had me hard quickly and start to finish she worked me over between her soles and toes like a pro. She scrunches her toes a few times when slowing down her stroke for fantastic views. She gives me a handjob between her feet, slapping my cock against her soles and running my head along her toes. She almost had me there. Then of course Felicia knows I’m done for once she flips over for reverse. She slows it down again for gorgeous angles of her wrinkled soles framing my hard dick. She strokes me that way until I cum between her soles, continuing to work me over with her creamed feet.

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