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Nikki Brooks (Amatari Foot, Long legs) [2023 | FullHD]

Nikki Brooks (Amatari Foot, Long legs) [2023 | FullHD]

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It can be quite difficult for it being your first time as a cuckold. Being second in line, a cuckold must know their place in any circumstance or situation. Madame Brooks takes you through the exciting highs and humiliating lows as you turn into her foot cuck! You will watch Madame Brooks jerk her alpha stud off with her perfect feet. You will see her make him explode and it’ll be you that cleans it off. You crave her feet as you watch another man get pleased right infront of your face. You’re Madame Brooks foot cuck. Doesn’t that have a nice ring to it? What did you expect… to be next in line? You’re second – a beta bitch. Perhaps you’d like to clean up the mess, you little foot cuck! Once this alpha bursts his load onto Madame Brooks feet, open up wide and slurp up that cum load.

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