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Footing The Bill - Katy Faerys (Bratty Foot, Extreme Feet) [2023 | FullHD]

Footing The Bill - Katy Faerys (Bratty Foot, Extreme Feet) [2023 | FullHD]

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Your pretty friend, Katy Faery, sits on the couch with you after you both have gone out to eat with a group of friends. wearing a sexy brown dress and gorgeous tan heels. "Thank you so much for covering me tonight, I really didn't expect my card to get declined." You charitably offered to pay Katy's bill at the restaurant, because she didn't have the funds to cover it. Katy would have been so embarrassed in front of all of your friends, so you made sure that didn't happen. Katy tells you that she wants to get comfy, and she begins to take off her shoes. You tell Katy that the restaurant was really expensive, and you didn't plan on paying for her. "I'm not even sure when I get paid next. so, I owe you? I'm sorry." Katy takes off her last shoe, and she catches you staring at her feet. "What are you looking at?" Katy tells you that she remembers that you told her you have a "thing" for feet, once. That gives Katy an idea, "What if I was able to 'foot the bill' in a different way?" Katy offers to rub her feet all over your cock. "I know we are just friends, but it's just my feet." Katy shows off her sexy soles, and wiggles her toes in your face. Katy tells you to get comfortable so she can rub her sexy soles on your cock, and "foot the bill". She grips your cock in between her soles, and rubs them up and down. Katy strokes your cock with her soles, with a smile on her face. She turns around, so you can see her ass. and she rubs your cock with her arches. Katy lifts up her dress and giggles, "I forgot I wasn't wearing panties today!" You can see Katy's bare ass, and her sweet pussy peeking out as she strokes your cock with her feet. She turns around to face you, and rubs your cock with her toes. Katy grips her toes tightly around your cock, "I bet you're happy my card got declined, now." She rubs her toes up and down, and makes a proposition. "If you pay for my meals sometimes. Maybe I can do this on the side sometimes." Katy strokes your cock with her freshly painted dark blue and glitter toes, until you cum all over her feet. "You came all over my feet!" Katy tells you if you want to work out a deal, she will stroke your cock again with her soles.

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